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LTS Show Team

This year we will be competing in the Silver Series at Caledon Equestrian Park, with riders competing across different divisions. In addition to showing on the Silver Series, we attend Gold Shows, Fall Fairs, Schooling Shows, Thoroughbred and Specialty Shows as well as the Royal Winter Fair.

Interested in Joining our show team? 

Please Email our Show Team manager at with any questions! 

Silver Series Central Zone Dates

June 2-4

June 9-11

July 13-15


August 25-27

Sept 1-3

Playoffs: September 27- October 1 at Angelstone Tournaments

Introducing our 2023 Show Team

Tessa Laughton on Winston

​Edwyna Laughton on Laughton's Polo Express 

Allison Pierce on Laughton's Cinzenta

Sabrina McCaskill on Venture K

Jolene Heart on Romance PF

Sarah Connelly on Romance PF 

Gemma Guest on Kalvin Klein

Ainsley Beer on Calogero De Kreisker

Caitlyn Woods on Seattle Sound

Izabela Savić on Eye of Horus

Hayden Kowatsch on Laughton's Black Tie Affair

Brooklyn Scott on Calabria

Myah Rozon on Laughton's Bay Street

Erin Shoss on Laughton's Daybreak

Lauren DeBoer on Laughton's Apollo

Leah McKinnon on Laughton's Apollo

Isobel Mancini on Laughton's Sabedoria

Cadance McGarry on Avro Aero

Emma Tilson Avro Aero 

Ava Hickson on Laughton's Crescendo

Ada Tarasova Laughton's Crescendo

Sophie Maska on Benjamin Moore

Kristiana Cope on Benjamin Moore

Nora Nedelko on Laughton's Kingston

Kenzie Lee on Laughton's Pickpocket

Cheyenne Wildfong on Laughton's Braveheart II

Kiley Lillard on Laughton's Cinzenta

Show Team Requirements

Mandatory part-board, lease or own pony/horse  in order to be a part of the LTS Show Team

 2 lessons per week (private and group lesson or 2 group lessons). To qualify for the Playoffs you must place in the top 12 of the division

All riders must have their Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF), and Equine Canada Silver/ Gold (EC) and in order to attend a show.

All horses/ponies have updated passports and vaccinations 

The rider must have all required tack, equipment and clothing in order to show. 

All horses showing are required to be braided. Braiding services organized through LTS

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