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For Lease

If you are interested in leasing one of our Academy or school horses, please email our general email address to inquire


Laughton's Black Tie Affair "Charlie"

Congratulations Parker on your Co-lease of this talented gelding! We are so excited to watch you take on your first ever show season this summer!

IMG_9338 2.JPG


Venture K "Kai"

Congratulations Sabrina on your lease of this stunning mare!  We are so excited to see the two of you in action during the 2024 show season!

IMG_9352 2.JPG


Laughton's Cinzenta "Willow"

Congratulations Kiley on your lease of this wonderful mare!  We cannot wait to see what the two of you accomplish in the 2024 show Season! 

IMG_9350 2.jpg


Dolce Vida "Dolce"

Congratulations Katarina on your lease of this wonderful mare, We look forward to seeing the growth between the two of you this upcoming year.  

IMG_9351 2.jpg



Congratulations Ava on your lease of this extraordinary mare, We cannot wait to your your growth and development with her over the 2024 show season.



Laughton's Bay Street "Brady"

Congratulations Erin on your lease of this fabulous gelding!  We look forward to watching this partnership grow over the 2024 season!

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