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The Dacyshyn Family: 
My husband and I wanted to thank Tessa, Melissa and the rest of the LTS family.  Our daughter Nicole has been at LTS for 14 months and has not only developed as a rider but as a person.  She has made great friends with some amazing kids that make going to the barn some of her best days ever!  It was my mother in law who first noticed how much Nicole had changed in terms of confidence, responsibility and maturity since she started at this barn. She loves to help out at the barn and never feels like its a chore.  She has learned the importance of caring for the horses/ponies and for the environment.  Being organized and responsible has also helped her outside of riding as well.  I am so very happy that she is around such positive people.  As she is in the younger pony group, it is so nice to see all of the older girls so welcoming and willing to explain things to her.  I have also made friends with some of the parents who are really easy to be around and don't hesitate to help out any of the kids whether it is theirs or not. We look forward to starting the fall full of riding and good times.    

I simply thought I would send along a quick email to let you know how impressed I am with you and your business. You have certainly come a long way and should be very proud of your accomplishments. Although I don’t see you on a regular basis I do catch your updates on fb and love to see the happenings. Keep up the great work Tessa. We need more dedicated individuals like you in the industry.

I have been with LTS on and off for a few years now. Tessa is always understanding and welcoming when you need time off or have taken time off and want to get back into riding. LTS always seems to be a very friendly environment and I always enjoy being there. I have referred many of my friends to LTS and we can all say that everyone is so helpful and kind in every way. It is a much better experience when you feel like you belong to one big equestrian family and I can't wait to further my riding career with LTS and all my friends there, old and new!

The staff and specifically Tessa are easy to talk to, knowledgeable, caring, and very helpful! The fields and turn out are every horses dream! Large grass fields where horses get to enjoy being horses! All the boarders are friendly and have helped create a family environment where everyone is welcome. 
The coaching staff are second to none, enthusiastic, ambitious, and willing to help you and your horse achieve your goals. 

Kaylee About Training:
When Dudley was sent to Tessa at the beginning of the summer, we were frustrated with each other and always in a battle.  However by the end of the summer Dudley was literally a different horse, he was relaxed, and not spooky and unpredictable.  He became responsive and quiet under saddle and a sweetheart and gentleman around the barn.  Not only did Tessa work with Dudley, she helped me understand him which allowed us to become a team.  Without Tessa, I would never have been able to figure Dudley out, let alone compete at an A-circuit show.  

I cannot thank Tessa enough for her dedication and continued support, and will train with her whenever I have the opportunity.
I have known Tessa only since August 2010 and feel very privileged to be able to part board her very own special horse Benjamin. Every time in his (well Tessa's) saddle I realize how much learning I have ahead of me and him being such a joy to be my teacher.  I would also like to thank Meredith and Joanne for giving me so needed quidence and courage to improve. Joanne being half a time scared of my wild canter and Meredith for her detailed explanation of my bad sitting position.   Nevertheless I have enjoyed every minute at the farm and look forward to year 2011 
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