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newsWhat's Happening @ LTS:

We are introducing Rider Level Testing for our students.
A saddle pad and certificate will be awarded to each student who successfully passes a level.
Introductory testing fee of $35 plus tax. (Regular $70) To book please email

Beginner I : PINK
 new to horses
 learn how to groom & tack up alone
 learn how to mount & dismount safely
 to pass this level you must know how to hold reins correctly, shorten & lengthen stirrups, tighten girth, mount/dismount alone, walk & posting trot on the right diagonal
 Canter on the correct lead in both directions
Jump over small x's at the trot
Beginner II: PURPLE
 jump a small courses of x's at the trot and canter
 be able to demonstrate a simple change of lead in both directions
 Know how to set up trot & canter poles
 Be able to hold your jumping 2-point position for 2 laps both directions
be able to trot without your stirrups and cross them over the saddle correctly
Intermediate I: GREEN
 Canter a small course of Verticles (2'3)
 Demonstrate lead changes on course (Simple or flying)
 Demonstrate a collection & extension at the trot
 Show to the coach how to take apart & put a bridle together
Demonstrate a reverse, and change of rein as needed at competition
Intermediate II: BLUE
 Canter a full course at 2'6
 Demonstrate flying lead change over a pole
 Demonstrate contact within the walk, trot & Canter
Demonstrate a shoulder in & leg yield
Advanced: RED
 Canter a full course at 2'9 +
 Demonstrate flying lead changes both directions
 Demonstrate a leg yield on both directions
 Demonstrate a turn of the forehand or haunches (or both!)
 Explain to the coach what signs you see for Colic, Choking, Tying up, and explain what to do in this situation
 Load a horse safely on and off a trailer

We are holding 2 Adult Day Camps this summer.
Friday 2 June
Friday 14 July
Minimum age 21 years
10am to 4pm

Your day includes:
1 hr dressage lesson  with Olga
1 hr jumping lesson with Tessa
Afternoon hack
                                  Lunch included with wine!

Fee $175 (Lessons alone worth $130)
Early Bird pricing $160 (if paid in full by 15 May)
All prices are plus taxes
Email  to book your spot!!!

Monday 4th September  Start Time  NOON!
Ride over a course around our entire property!
Teams of 2!
At least 1 member from each team must jump every obstacle.
Winner is the team closest to a secret time determined by Tessa's ride over the course.
Teams are disqualified if
(1) they return with a sweaty horse
(2) fall off and cannot remount
Prize an LTS saddle pad for each team member

BBQ and Scavenger Hunt to follow
$45 per team

To register your team please email

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